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"Young Blood, Old Souls" is the finale of the first season of The Owl House, as well as the 19th episode overall. It premiered on August 29, 2020.


After King reads about the history of the Boiling Isles from the point of possession of Emperor Belos and creation of the coven system, he and Luz prepare to rescue Eda, with Luz wearing the cloak that Eda had previously made for her.

Meanwhile, in the Emperor's Castle, Lilith tries to subdue a fully cursed Eda before Belos appears and subdues her, bringing out her sapience that they might have words. As he addresses her by her titles, especially her being Luz's mentor, she warns him to stay away from her protege. However, Belos is more interested in the portal to the Human Realm, and and sends her away when she refused to cooperate. To Lilith's disappointment, Belos claims it to be the titan's will that Eda be sentenced to be petrified instead of healing her curse. As the emperor takes his leave, he orders Lilith to destroy Eda's staff.

While Gus and Willow broke the news of Eda's petrification, Luz and King purposely allow themselves to be arrested and sent to the Conformatorium. They are received by Warden Wrath, who is eager for revenge against Luz, only to be quickly overpowered by plant and ice magic and intimidated into drawing Luz a map to Eda's cell. When he later gets free, he informs Kikimora, who is disappointed by his failure, so Lilith volunteers to capture the human.

Upon reaching Eda's cell, King stands guard while Luz enters inside, restoring Eda's sapience with a Light Spell. She then tries to break her chains with a Fire Spell but her magic isn't strong enough. Eda urges her to leave, admitting that she has to face the consequences for defying Belos' law. She give her the key to the portal door and urges Luz to return home and destroy the portal. After Eda being taken, Luz ignores Lilith's intentions to talk and confronts her, making them and King cross the portal to the Human Realm. As they struggle, when Luz declares that Lilith deserves to be petrified in Eda's place, surprisingly, Lilith agrees with her. Lilith finally reveals her real motivations behind Eda's curse.

Lilith and Eda used to be very close when they were younger, and that they both wanted to sign up for the Emperor's Coven to make the world a better place, even though Lilith was not so perfect in her skills compared to Eda. After growing up, Eda and Lilith sign up for the Emperor's Coven, which revealed to have only one spot that would be contested by both in a duel. Afraid of being beaten by Eda, Lilith casts a curse obtained from the Night Market that would turn Eda into a monster for a day. However, on the day of the duel, Eda forfeited, but as she walked away, transformed into an owl monster booed by everyone, making Lilith the winner and newest member of the Emperor's Coven. After Luz understands Lilith's situation, she gets Eda's staff, and both her and King return to the Demon Realm.

Meanwhile, Willow and Gus convince everyone to protest in defense of Eda's petrification that was in progress. Back inside the castle, Luz, King and Lilith attempt to reach Eda only to be ambushed by Emperor Belos, who sends the last two to be petrified besides Eda. Luz starts a fight against Emperor Belos, who finally ends with her by throwing an Ice Glyph that hits the right side of Belos' mask. Though he compliments her spirit, he cautions her against attempting another sneak attack. He then states that he's just a humble messenger for the titan and that Eda's fate is inconsequential in the grand scheme of things, until Luz's arrival changed everything. He offers a trade: Eda's life for the portal. He assures her he's not plotting an invasion of the Human Realm, claiming the titan's will was not so "boorish". With no decision to make, considering that Eda's petrification started at that moment, Luz hands Belos the portal door, but eventually burns it on the way out to the ceremony, much to Belos' wrath.

Luz was able to stop the petrification process, as well as free Eda, King and Lilith, who escape, while Emperor Belos later announces and confronts the inhabitants of Boiling Isles about Eda's curse going to strip away her powers. Returning to the Owl House, Lilith mourns for her sister and casts a spell that shares Eda's curse with her, which causes the weakening of their powers, although Luz comforts Eda about teaching her to learn how to do spells the same way she does. At the end of the day, Luz makes a video for her mother about finding a new way back home. Meanwhile, Emperor Belos, at the same time enlists someone to watch the Owl House, reconstructs the portal door with technological features, such as the Day of Unity is approaching.


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