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Directed by Tex Avery
Country United States
IMDb profile

Who Killed Who is an MGM theatrical cartoon directed by Tex Avery and released in 1943.

The animated short is about a man who is murdered and a detective enlisted to solve the murder. Upon arriving to the murder scene, the detective encounters many problems, the main one being who committed the crime.

This film uses a lot of humor and stereotypes of murder mysteries. The animation is excellent in creating a humorous atmosphere and Tex Avery goes above and beyond trying to make the viewers laugh.


The film opens with a live-action host informing the viewer that "crime does not pay without a shadow of a doubt". The victim begins the animation reading a book entitled "Who Killed Who? (From the Cartoon of the Same Name)." After reading a shocking passage he talks to the audience to inform them that he will get "bumped off." After the clock strikes 12, the victim is shot by a man dressed in black. Upon arriving to the scene, the detective interrogates the maid, the butler and the chauffeur. After the three suspects disappear, the detective becomes the murderer's next victim. They chase each other around the house until the detective finally unmasks the murderer, only to find out that the murderer is the host. The film ends with the host crying and saying "I dood it".


This abusive Santa Claus character was voiced by Tex Avery himself.