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The Amazing World of Gumball
'Date Aired July 16, 2008, Date Ended May 26, 2010
Animation Company Template:!! Cartoon Network
No. of Episodes Template:!! 76
Running time Template:!! {Template:Running time
Proceeded by'
Jack A. Bime
Followed by
{{{Followed by}}}

The Amazing World of Gumball, is a Cartoon series Created by Jack A. Bime.(Later 2 Japaneses) It stars Gumball Watterson a 12 year old Cat, with an epic flair for adventure, Darwin, Gumball's pet fish that one day, sprouted arms and legs, Anais, Gumball and Darwin's little sister. She is a prodigy, and is a genuis , for 4 years old, Nicole, a hard working Mother, who is a Cat like Gumball she works very hard, and is very Up-Tight. and Richard watterson, a Lazy, Laid-Back, and Dumb father, he is a Bunny like Anais, and they are both Pink.