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Dick Tracy[]

Dick Tracy is the comic Strip of the adventures of plancloathes police detective Dick Tracy.

This comic strip first appeared in the "Chicago Tribune" October 4, 1931 and was drawn by Chester Gould until he retired in 1977; the series continues to the present under different cartoonists.

At least twice the series has been in an animted cartoon form:

  • The Adventures of Dick Tracy" Aka "The Dick Tracy Show" was 1 season of 130 episodes of five minuites apeice which ran from January 1, 1961 to January 1, 1962
  • On "Archies TV Funnies" which also ran for 1 season of 16 epsiodes from September 11, 1971 to September 1, 1973 also ran shorts of Dick Tracy-along with other cartoon characthers such as Moon Mullins; Broom Hilda; Nancy; The Captain and the Kids..etc