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Tennessee Tuxedo and his tales was an animated series of 145 epsidoes which ran from 1963-1966 concering the adventures of Tennessee Tuxcedo and his idiot friend Chumley and their attempts to escape from the Zoo keeper Stanley Livingstone and their wise friend Professor Phinneas J. Whoopee.  An additional segment of the series was The adventures of Commander McBragg concerning the silly tales of a pompus british officer!


  • Tennessee Tuxedo....Don Adams
  • Chumley Walrus .....Bradley Bolke
  • Stanley Linvingstone...Mort Marshall
  • Phineas J. Whoopee...Larry Storch
  • Commander McBragg....Kenny Delmar
  • Narrator .........George S Irving


  • A running gag was that when Phinneas Whoope tries to find his 3D blackboard to explain problums-it is always in his overloaded closet which is full of junk that comes thumbling out!
  • Kenney Delmar and George S Irving also starred on the cartoon series "Go_Go_Gophers" a stoof of "F Troop". Ironically Larry Storch was a comedy star of :F Troop!
  • Don Adams also appeared as maxwell Smart Agent 86 on "Get Smart" and Inspector_Gadget