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This article is about a tv show.

Splash Star Super Plumbers is a show on Nickelodeon and Nicktoons Network that rev olves around two female plumbers named Sarah Bloomdale and May Hawkson.

Splash Star Plumbing

Futari wa Pretty Cure Plubers

and their two friends Kuni and Hannah.


Danny Fenton is a ghost-powered boy who's other identity is Danny Phantom.

The series ran for 3 seasons for 53 episodes from April 3, 2004 to August 24, 2007

  • Danny Fenton was a normal 14th year old boy until an accident with a portal between the human and supernatural worlds casues him to become a ghost when he says "Go Ghost"
  • Jassmaine "Jazz" Fenton- danny older 16 year old and overprotective sister.
  • Jack Fenton-danny father who is obbesed with destroying ghosts
  • Madeline Fenton-Danny mother who would much rather study than destroy ghosts
  • Samantha "Sam" Mason-danny's girlfriend who accidently gave Danny his powers
  • Vlad Masters aka Vlad Plasmius-Danny chief antagonist; he was once an assistant to jack Fenton until -because of an accident with a human/ghost portal due to Jack Fenton's stupidy-he become disfigured and ultimalely a half ghost for twenty years. In episode # 7 "Bitter Reunions" although he has used his "ability" to become a billionaire he has three main but unfulfiled obbessions; own the Green Bay Packers Football team; take back Maddeline after she was "stolen" from him by Jack Fenton; and teach Danny Fenton/Phantom the dark/evil side of being a half ghost. {Irionically in an alterative timeline in episode # 27 "The Ultimate Enemy" is the appearance of evil twin "Dark Danny" who became that way after a disaster wiped out his family and he asked Vlad to remove his emotions; this resulted in a fusing of the evil ghosts parts of Danny and Vlad} Despite his cunning, Vlad suffers from a short term memory loss-although in episode # 7 he accidently discovered that Danny Fenton was Danny Phantom- he does not seem to remember this in subsequent episodes!


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