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Sky, labeled The Athlete, is a camper, a finalist and one of the main protagonists of Total Drama: Pahkitew Island, who was placed on Wâneyihtam Maskwak but switched to Pimâpotew Kinosewak in "This is The Pits!". She is the runner-up in Shawn's ending.


She wears a yellow and purple Tanktop with black jogger pants with a purple bracelet and purple sneakers.


Sky is an aspiring Olympian, and constantly exhibits a fierce passion to win. She is a natural team player, and always strives to see the best in people, though she doesn't let her friendships get in the way of the competition. A true white knight who plays by the book, her sportsman-like qualities are what help her easily get along with most of the other contestants, but they also set her against contestants who cheat and play dirty. She also faces difficulty when her nerves get bad, and when her emotions get the better of her and cloud her judgment. Sky begins to develop feelings for Dave after a few episodes, whom she tries to convince herself that she doesn't have a crush on him. Unfortunately, most offen when she is confronting Dave, her nerves usually forces Sky to belch, a problem of hers that occurs whenever she gets nervous (during tests specifically) or when she's near a boy she has strong feelings for. Ironically, she does have the ability to belch out a campfire when loading up on carbonated beverages, which she confesses in the confessional in "Pahk'd With Talent".


  • Sky is the shortest female contestant on Total Drama: Pahkitew Island, while Max is the shortest character on the show overall.
  • Sky is currently the only character to have their audition tape shown in an episode.
  • Sky is one of the only characters to reject someone openly, in this case being Dave.