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Ralph The Gaurd

"Ralph" is a character on the show Animaniacs.he was the security guard for the Warner Brothers Stuido on the show he was voiced by Frank Welker.


Ralph was seen a gruff unshaven security guard. he was a stereotype of most security guards fat bald and stupid. and by the looks of it he was either homeless or poverty stricken.


During the course of the series Ralph was a very incomptent security guard that was very gullible to the Warners tricks. and most of the time he would his sentences with the word ummmm....Duh okay.his poor Grammer leads everyone even his own boss Mr.Plotz to wonder how this baffon got his job in th first place.most of the time he does not even do his job. in most episodes he is seen eating doughnuts or sleeping on the job.

Importance to the series[]

During the shows run. Ralphs main occupation was to catch the Warner siblings and lock them back in the watertower