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Priya Turning Red
  • Priya is one of the few Disney and Pixar characters to wear nose jewelry.
  • Priya is implied to be bisexual. Aside from her shared crush on 4*Town, she is also seen dancing with a goth girl at Tyler's party while Mei, Miriam and Abby give a suggestive look. Animator Andrea Goh later confirmed in a tweet that she is, in fact, queer.[1]
    • She is the fourth LGBT character in Pixar films. The first was Specter from Onward, the second and third were Greg and Manuel from Out, and the fifth is Alisha Hawthorne from Lightyear.
  • When introduced, Priya is seen as a fan of the Nightfall series, an homage to the Twilight series of rather controversial supernatural vampire novels written by Stephenie Meyer.
    • However, the first Twilight novel came out in 2005, three years after the setting date of Turning Red in 2002.
  • Priya is represented by the color yellow. This was most likely intended to be ironic as yellow is a happy and joyous color while Priya is mostly deadpan. However, in Indian culture, yellow is seen as a sign of purity, chastity and sensuality, which are major themes in the movie.
  • Despite her name being given as Priya Dewan on the "Nobody Like U" music video, the Pixar website states that her last name is actually Mangal.[2]
  • Her last name is derived from the Arabic-Turkish word manqal (منقل) meaning "portable" and originally referred to portable heaters used by Bedouin to warm tents during the cold desert evenings.
Connie Future

Like Connie Maheswaran from Steven Universe, Priya is a best friend of the protagonist.

  • She is like Connie Maheswaran from Steven Universe.
    • Both characters are Indian, though Priya is Canadian while Connie is American.
    • Both characters are best friends with the protagonist of the respective media.