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Princess Doremi[1] (音乐公主艾美丽) is a Chinese animated series produced by FZ Entertainment.


Doremi, a princess who wields a magic tambourine, travels to the world of Wonderland, where she meets six other princesses and becomes friends with them. Together, they have adventures, solve problems, and experience the power of music.


  • Doremi (爱美莉, Àiměilì) (voiced by Ni Zi): Princess of the Music Kingdom.
  • Lani (豆豆, Dòudòu) (voiced by Zhang Zhang): A princess who likes things to be proper.
  • Reba (泡泡, Pàopào) (voiced by Zhi Mao): A mermaid princess.
  • Febe (点点, Diǎndiǎn) (voiced by Xie Ying): A fairy princess and the smallest of the group.
  • Solina (佩佩, Pèipèi) (voiced by Zhang Zhang): A princess who loves to dance and whose design is inspired by traditional Chinese culture.
  • Misty (晶晶, Jīngjīng) (voiced by Xie Ying): A princess who is book-smart.
  • Silvia (丝丝, Sīsī) (voiced by Xing Lin'er): A boyish princess.


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