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Nature Fairies Adventures is an American animated television series created by Mikayla Swisher for YouTube. It premiered on January 15, 2024.

It focuses on eight fairies who help the environment and animals out when trouble happens, or they go on adventures for fun.



  • Mikayla Swisher as Poppy, Begonia, Sunny, Tulip, Bluebell, Iris, Violet, Lily. Mika George


  • Jaelyn Swisher as Scarlett



Mikayla came up with the idea from watching a lot of nature and fairy shows, and she drew the characters on the website Picsart.


The show is about Faires who try to protect the environment and animals from mishaps, and learn how to use their powers and certain mistakes on the way.


  • Poppy: A red fairy who is quite strong, she often loves exercising and playing sports, she is brave, fearless, bold, and determined, she can also be blunt but is still caring.
  • Begonia: An orange african american fairy who loves music, she is quite talented with her musical instruments, she also has a creative and eccentric imagination, she is cheerful, friendly, bubbly, and peppy.
  • Sunny: A yellow fairy who has a love for animals and living things, she can talk to animals, she is sweet, loving, kind, and caring.
  • Tulip: A hispanic brainy green fairy with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), she loves reading books and can tell you all the facts she read, she has been reading since she was one years old, she is smart, clever, helpful, and shy.
  • Bluebell: A blue fairy with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and Autism, she is a neat freak and likes things that are clean and organized, she is also just as smart as Tulip, she is nice, kind, empathetic, and girly.
  • Iris: A indigo fairy with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), she likes extreme sports, she is often the fastest one of the fairies, she is impulsive, tomboyish, competitive, and energetic, she can be rash at times but is just as kind as the average fairy.
  • Violet: A violet african american fairy who also has OCD, she is one of the more feminine characters, she is very self-conscious about her appearance, she loves fashion but hates getting dirty, she is often vain and self-centered, but is very kind and caring.
  • Lily: A pink fairy who might have signs of autism, she is a fashionista like Violet, she loves flowers and animals, she is kind, friendly, bubbly, and loving.
  • Mika George: A human girl who befriends the fairies, she is friendly, playful, energetic, and cheerful.
  • Rainbow: The leader of the fairies, she is the voice of the reason of the fairies and guardian, she is motherly, kind, caring, and mature.




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