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Mr. Pricklepants is a character in Toy Story 3.

Physical Appearance[]


Toy Story 3[]

Toy Story 3 Poster 12

Mr. Pricklepants is seen in Toy Story 3 when Sheriff Woody arrives at Bonnie Anderson's house asks where he is. As Bonnie began playtime with her toys, she spits a jellybean onto Mr. Pricklepants in response to one of Woody's automated voices mentioning poison. Once Bonnie went to sleep, her toys helped Woody chart a path to Andy Davis's house. But when he mentions passing a message to his fellow toys at Sunnyside Daycare, Bonnie's toys become alarmed and ask how he escaped. Mr. Pricklepants describes Sunnyside as "a place of ruin and despair, ruled by an evil bear who smells of strawberries" named Lotso Hugging Bear. He points out Chuckles to testify. Despite their warnings that it's too dangerous to return to Sunnyside, Woody went anyway to recuse his friends. The next day, Woody returns to Bonnie's house with his friends, having been donated by Andy. When Andy leaves, Mr. Pricklepants is seen talking with Hamm. In the end credits, he plays Romeo, alongside an Alien who is playing Juliet.

Toy Story 4[]

He will return in Toy Story 4.

Toy Story Toons[]

Toy Story of Terror![]

In Toy Story of Terror!, He is one of the toys that Bonnie brings on her road trip. When Bonnie's mom's car breaks down near the Sleep Well motel, Mr. Pricklepants tells the toys that the roadside motel is a perfect location for a horror movie.

Toy Story That Time Forgot[]

He appear in Toy Story That Time Forgot.