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This is a list of American prime time animated television series which were typically broadcast during prime time. This list does not include animated short films and videos that were shown on television variety shows, such as "The Ambiguously Gay Duo" on Saturday Night Live and "Dr. N!Godatu" on The Tracey Ullman Show. However, the fact The Simpsons originated as part of the latter show is noted.


Title Episodes Show Creator Year Original channel Studio Age rating Source
The Alvin Show 26 Ross Bagdasarian, Sr. 1961–62 CBS Bagdasarian Productions
Matty's Funnies with Beany and Cecil / Beany and Cecil 26 Bob Clampett 1962-63 ABC Bob Clampett Productions
The Boing Boing Show (reruns) 26 Dr. Seuss 1958 CBS UPA
The Bugs Bunny Show 52 Chuck JonesFriz Freleng 1960–62 ABC Warner Bros. Cartoons TV-G
The Bugs Bunny/Road Runner Show 13 Chuck JonesFriz Freleng 1976 CBS Warner Bros. Television TV-G
The Bullwinkle Show 163 Jay WardAlex AndersonBill Scott 1961–62 NBC Jay Ward Productions TV-G
Calvin and the Colonel 26 Freeman F. GosdenCharles J. Correll 1961–62 ABC Kayro Productions
CBS Cartoon Theatre 13 Paul Terry 1956 CBS Terrytoons
The Famous Adventures of Mr. Magoo 26 Millard KaufmanJohn Hubley,

Willis Pyle

1964–65 NBC United Productions of America
The Flintstones 166 William HannaJoseph Barbera 1960–66 ABC Hanna-Barbera TV-G
The Jetsons 24 William Hanna

Joseph Barbera

1962–63 ABC Hanna-Barbera TV-G
Jokebook 3 William Hanna

Joseph Barbera

1982 NBC Hanna-Barbera
Jonny Quest 26 Doug Wildey 1964–65 ABC Hanna-Barbera TV-Y7-FV
Matty's Funday Funnies 26 1960-61 ABC Harvey FilmsParamount Cartoon Studios
The Simpsons(spun off from as a series of shortsfeatured on The Tracey Ullman Showwhich began in 1987) 767 Matt Groening 1989–present Fox Gracie FilmsKlasky Csupo(1989–1992)

Film Roman(1992–2016) 20th Television Animation(2016–present) 20th Television


TV-14 (some episodes)

Top Cat 30 William Hanna

Joseph Barbera

1961–62 ABC Hanna-Barbera TV-G
Where's Huddles? 10 William Hanna

Joseph Barbera

1970 CBS Hanna-Barbera TV-G


Title Episodes Show Creator Year Original channel Studio Age rating Source
Batman: The Animated Series 85 Bruce TimmEric Radomski 1992–93 Fox Warner Bros. Animation TV-Y7
Capitol Critters 13 Nat Mauldin

Steven Bochco Michael Wagner

1992 ABC Hanna-BarberaSteven Bochco Productions

20th Television

The Critic 33 Al JeanMike Reiss 1994–95 ABC, Fox Gracie FilmsFilm RomanColumbia Pictures Television TV-PG
Dilbert 30 based on the comic strip created by Scott Adams 1999–2000 UPN Idbox

United Media Columbia TriStar Television

Family Dog 10 Brad Bird 1993 CBS NelvanaAmblin TelevisionUniversal TelevisionWarner Bros. Television
Family Guy 424 Seth MacFarlane 1999–02, 2004, 2005–present Fox Fuzzy Door Productions20th Television Animation20th Television TV-14
Fish Police 6 Steve MoncuseJeanne Romano 1992 CBS Hanna-Barbera
Futurama 72 Matt Groening 1999–2003 Fox The Curiosity CompanyRough Draft Studios20th Television (credited as 30th Century Fox Television) TV-14

TV-PG (some episodes)

Home Movies 52 Loren BouchardBrendon Small 1999 UPN Burns & Burns Productions

Tom Snyder Productions

Invasion America 13 Steven SpielbergHarve Bennett 1998 The WB DreamWorks Animation Television TV-PG
King of the Hill 259 Mike Judge

Greg Daniels

1997–2009 Fox Film Roman3 Arts EntertainmentDeedle-Dee ProductionsJudgemental Films

20th Television


TV-14 (some episodes)

Mission Hill 13 Bill OakleyJosh Weinstein 1999–2000 The WB Bill Oakley/Josh Weinstein Productions

Castle Rock Entertainment

Pinky and the Brain 66 Tom Ruegger 1995–1996 The WB Amblin TelevisionWarner Bros. Animation TV-Y
The PJs 44 Eddie MurphyLarry WilmoreSteve Tompkins 1999–2001 Fox, The WB Imagine TelevisionThe Murphy Company

Will Vinton Studios Charged Productions(2000–01) Touchstone Television Warner Bros. Television (2001)

Stressed Eric 6 Carl Gorham 1998 NBC Klasky CsupoAbsolutely ProductionsBBC Worldwide TV-PG
X-Men: The Animated Series 76 based on the comic books created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby 1994, 1995 Fox Marvel Entertainment GroupSaban EntertainmentGraz EntertainmentAKOM


Title Episodes Show Creator Year Original channel Studio Age rating Source
American Dad! 175 Seth MacFarlaneMike BarkerMatt Weitzman 2005–14 Fox Fuzzy Door ProductionsUnderdog Productions20th Television Animation20th Television TV-14
Baby Blues 13 based on the comic strip created by Jerry Scott and Rick Kirkman 2000 The WB Split the Difference Productions

King Features Syndicate Warner Bros. Television

Celebrity Deathmatch(reruns) 93 Eric Fogel 2001 UPN Fogelmania ProductionsMTV Animation TV-PG
Clerks: The Animated Series 6 Kevin Smith 2000 ABC Miramax TelevisionView Askew ProductionsTouchstone Television TV-14
The Cleveland Show 88 Seth MacFarlane

Richard Appel Mike Henry

2009–13 Fox Person Unknown Productions

Happy Jack Productions Fuzzy Door Productions20th Television Animation 20th Television

Click and Clack's As the Wrench Turns 10 Howard Grossman

Doug Berman

Creature Comforts America 7 Nick Park 2007 CBS Aardman Animations
Father of the Pride 14 Jeffrey Katzenberg 2004–05 NBC DreamWorks Animation Television TV-14
Game Over 6 David Sacks 2004 UPN Carsey-Werner Productions
Gary & Mike 13 Fax Bahr

Adam Small

2001 UPN Bahr-Small Productions

Will Vinton Studios Big Ticket Television

God, the Devil and Bob 13 Matthew Carlson 2000 NBC Vanity Logo Productions

NBC Studios Carsey-Werner Productions

The Goode Family 13 Mike JudgeJohn AltschulerDave Krinsky 2009 ABC Ternion Pictures

3 Arts Entertainment Media Rights Capital

The Oblongs 13 Angus OblongJace Richdale 2001 The WB Mohawk ProductionsJob Site Productions

Film Roman Warner Bros. Television

Sammy 2 David SpadeDrake Sather 2000 NBC Brad Grey Television

Desert Rat Productions Adelaide ProductionsNBC Studios

Sit Down, Shut Up 13 Mitchell Hurwitz 2009 Fox Tantamount Studios

ITV Studios Adelaide Productions 20th Television Sony Pictures Television



Title Episodes Show Creator Year Original channel Studio Age rating Source
Allen Gregory 7 Jonah HillAndrew Mogel

Jarrad Paul

2011 Fox Bento Box Entertainment(uncredited)

JHF J. Paul/A. Mogel/D. Goodman Productions Chernin Entertainment 20th Television

Bless the Harts 34 Emily Spivey 2019–21 Fox Jessebean Inc.

Lord Miller Productions Titmouse, Inc.FOX Entertainment20th Television

Bob's Burgers 272 Loren Bouchard 2011–present Fox Bento Box Entertainment(uncredited)

Wilo Productions (2012–) Buck & Millie Productions (2012–2020) 20th Television Animation 20th Television


TV-14 (some episodes)

Bordertown 13 Mark Hentemann 2016 Fox Hentemann Films

Fuzzy Door Productions Bento Box Entertainment(uncredited) 20th Television

Golan the Insatiable 12 Josh Miller 2015 Fox Double Hemm

Amazing Schlock (Season 1 only) Friends Night ADHD Studios

Napoleon Dynamite 6 Jared and Jerusha Hess 2012 Fox Hess Films

Scully Productions 20th Television

Son of Zorn 13 Reed Agnew

Eli Jorne

2016–17 Fox Agnew Jorné Productions

Lord Miller Productions 20th Television



Title Episodes Show Creator Year Original channel Studio Age rating Source
Duncanville 39 Mike ScullyJulie Thacker ScullyAmy Poehler 2020–22 Fox Bento Box Entertainment(uncredited)

Paper Kite Productions 3 Arts Entertainment(uncredited) FOX Entertainment Universal Television20th Television Animation20th Television

The Great North 69 Minty Lewis

Lizzie Molyneux Wendy Molyneux

2021–present Fox Bento Box Entertainment (uncredited)

FOX Entertainment 20th Television Animation 20th Television

Grimsburg 13 Catlan McClelland

Matthew Schlissel

2024–present Fox Bento Box Entertainment

Fox Entertainment Studios Gizmotech Industries The Jackal Group

HouseBroken 30 Clea DuVallJennifer CrittendenGabrielle Allan 2021–2023 Fox Bento Box Entertainment

Kapital Entertainment Merman AllenDen FOX Entertainment 20th Television Animation (uncredited) 20th Television (uncredited)

Krapopolis 22 Dan Harmon 2023–present Fox Bento Box Entertainment

Harmonious Claptrap Fox Entertainment Studios

Universal Basic Guys Craig Malamut & Adam Malamut 2024 Fox Bento Box Entertainment

Fox Entertainment Studios Sony Pictures Television