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Headline text List of Disney Animated Series[]

Bonkers-an animated series from September 4, 1993 to December 21, 1995 which featured crazy former toon toon star turned toon cop Bonkers D Cat which ran for 65 epsidoes.

  • This series was divided into two parts-one with Bonkers and partner Lucky Piquela and Bonkers with partner Miranda Wright
  • In a 1993 episode "Seems Like Old Toons" Bonkers and his friends try to save an old fashioned hand drawn cartoon studio. {Ironically Disney Studios would later change from hand drawn to computer animation!]
Darkwing Duck-an animated series from march 31, 1991 to December 12, 1992 starring crime fighter Darkwing Duck {aka Drake Mallard} and his adopted daugther Goselyn Waldelmeier/Mallard and which ran for 91 epsiodes
  • Darkwing sidekick was Lauchpad MacQuack from Duck Tales Series
  • In one episode "In Like Blunt" there where nearly 100 guest Disney Villains -who also had the shorest lines: "Show the List"
  • This series has one banned episode # 86 "Hot Spells" in which to save Goselyn Darkwing is captured by the Devil!
  • In "Time and Punishment" Darkwing is trasformed into a darker insane version of himself "Darkwarrior Duck" who does something Negaduck never could do-rule St Canard with an iron fist!
  • In the Premiere episode in his home Darkwing hits a statue of Basil aka "The great Mouse detective" in order to gain access to his secret hideway in the St Cannard Bridge. The Great Mouse Detective is a 1986 Disney Cartoon movie based on Sherlock Holmes stories.
Duck Tales-an animated series from September 18, 1987 to November 28, 1990 starring Scrooge McDuck and Huey, Louie and Dewey and Gyro Gearloose and which ran for 100 Epsiodes.
Goof Troop-an animated series which ran from April 20, 1992 to May 1993 which starred Goofy and Pete and which ran for 79 epsiodes
Mighty Ducks-an ainimted series which ran for 1 season from Sept 6, 1996 to January 17, 1997 for 26 episodes
Talespin-an animated series which ran from May 5, 1990 to August 8, 1991 which starred three characters from the Jungle Book movie-Baloo {aka Baloo von Bruinwald XIII]} ; Louie and Shere Khan and which ran for 65 epsiodes.