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Lincoln Loud is the main protagonist of The Loud House. He is the middle child and the only son of Rita and Lynn Loud Sr. He has 10 sisters (five older and five younger) with distinctive personalities. He attends middle school at the Royal Woods Middle School (previously elementary at the Royal Woods Elementary School).


Lincoln was born in the limousine of the President of the United States. After Vanzilla broke down, the President's limo picked up the Loud parents on the way to the delivery room. When in the limo, Rita ended up going into labor unable to arrive at the hospital on time, so the President tried to deliver Lincoln but fainted. Lincoln was delivered by the First Lady of the United States.

As a baby, he once got into Rita's make up. Lori fed him his very first ice cream when he was around one years old. At age one, Lincoln often refused to wear pants and stripped them off. Around age two, his father, Lynn Sr. took an embarrassing photo of Lincoln while potty-training him. Around ages two and three, Lincoln took a bath with Lynn who was around four and five years old at the time.

At age three, Lincoln became a big brother, when his sister Lucy was born. Lincoln once wore a Blarney suit for a whole week.

At some point in his toddlerhood, Lincoln chipped his front tooth. He went on his first mechanical pony ride with Luan and Lucy when he was around four years old. Around this time Lincoln owned a tricycle.

When Lincoln was five years old, he dressed as Ace Savvy for Halloween. While trying to catch up to his older sister Lynn, he accidentally ran into Clyde who was dressed as One-Eyed Jack, giving him a nosebleed in the process. After offering his cape, the two became best friends.

Lincoln celebrated his sixth birthday at the bowling alley, his fingers got stuck in the ball's holes and he ended up flying down the lane with it, knocking all the pins down in the process. Around age six, Lincoln and his friend Clyde made a secret hideout in a cave at Tall Timber park.

On Lincoln's seventh birthday, he had a magician themed party. When he pulled the rabbit out of the magician's hat, he got startled and screamed, the rabbit got chased by Charles and they ran into the table which sent Lincoln's birthday cake flying into his face.

Lincoln became the current middle child when Lily was born.

Lincoln has had broken back teeth about since he was 5 years old.[1]

Lincoln often speaks to the viewers about how he gets around his often-chaotic household, the insane antics of his ten sisters, and other things he's doing, and it makes him break the fourth wall. He possesses a habit of reading comics, manga, and novels in his underwear.

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