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" Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness is ananimated cartoon series which Premired on November 7, 2011 and was based on a 2008 Movie "Kung Fu Panda" which follows the misadventures of a Kung Fu panda;


Po-a clumsy panada who is a fanatic student of Kung Fu!

Master Shiefu-a red Panda and Po's Kung Fu master

Master Oogway-a turtle and MASter Shiefu mentor

Tai-Ling-a snow leopard. Once a great Kung Fu master he turned evil when his dream of becoming the great Dragon warrior was denied him by master Oogway who refused to let Tai have the Dragon Scroll. Seen only in the 2008 movie when it is implied he is killed by Po-although the movie end credits show he alive although comically defeated by Po's whirling rice basket! In episode 21 of the cartoon series "Kung Fu Kid" it is revealed that a snow leopard named Peng who outclasses Po is Tai Ling nephew.

Tigress-a student of MASter Shiefu

Monkey-a student of MASter Shiefu

Crane-a student of Master Shiefu

Mantis-a student of Master Shiefu

Viper-a student of MAster Shiefu


With the execption of the pandas and turtle, there are in fact "Five Animials" styles of Kung Fu which correspond with the six animial Kung Fu Masters; two alternative versions include Tiger; Crane; Leopard; Snake; Dragon or that of Crane; Tiger; Monkeyl Snake; Mantis Five_Animals_%28martial_arts%29