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Komi Witch Lara (꼬미마녀 라라) is a South Korean animated series produced by AJOJ Toys.


The ordinary school girl Lara travels to the world of Ioia, where the magicians live, and attends a magic academy where students dream of becoming great sorcerers. She also bonds with the Komi Pet Bong Bong, who gives her the power to become a Komi Witch, and heal the Komi Pets who have been corrupted by a mysterious dark force.


  • Kim Bo-na as Lara
  • Jo Gyeong-i as Somi and Bling
  • Lee Ji-hyeon as Gina and Bong Bong
  • Kim Myeong-jun as Jay and Dark
  • Nam Do-hyeong as Justin
  • Won Esther as Edrina
  • Lee Yong-shin as Terry and Ari


  • Original Project: AJOJ Co., Ltd.
  • General Manager: Park Tae-dong
  • Producers: Jo Hyun-kwon, Hong Jun-seo, Yoo Hye-ja
  • Design Director: Kim Yu-kyung
  • Concept Design: Yoon Hye-jung, Seo A-rim, Yong Da-eun, Choi Eun-young, So Byeong-hyun, Choi Seon-ju
  • Animation Production: Anyzac Co., Ltd.
  • Assistant Director: Kim Hwi-jin
  • Scenario: Park Ho-young
  • Storyboard: Park Sang-min
  • Character Designer: Park Hyun-ji

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