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King of the Hill
Country of Origin USA
Channel FOX
Studio 20th Century Fox
Original Airdate 1997
Final Airdate Unknown
Number of Episodes Over 100
Creators Mike Judge
Voices Mike Judge, Brittany Murphy, Stephen Root
IMDb entry
Related Shows or Films Beavis and Butthead, Office Space

King of the Hill is an American Adult animated television series which debuted in 1997 and focuses on the Hills, a suburban family proud of its Texas heritage. King of the Hill attempts to retain realism, seeking humor in the otherwise conventional.

The series was created by Mike Judge, who is arguably most renowned for his creation of the characters Beavis and Butthead on MTV. The show's popularity led to its syndication on many different networks, and it is currently the second-longest running animated show and sitcom after The Simpsons. In January, it was announced that the show had been renewed for its 12th season, which began in September. The show is also notable for its many continuity errors, as well as often being referenced in other mediums.

The main character, Hank Hill, is lifted from a similar character from Mike Judge's previous cartoon Beavis and Butthead. The character bears a physical resemblance, a similar slow drawl in the voice, and conservative politics.

The series lasted for 13 seasons until May 6, 2010 with 269 episodes and the last 4 episodes not shown