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Home movies
Home Movies
Country of Origin United States
Channel Cartoon Network
Studio Soup2Nuts
Original Airdate April 1999
Final Airdate 2004
Number of Episodes 52
Creators Loren Bouchard & Brendon Small
Voices Brendon Small, H. Jon Benjamin, Melissa Galsky, Ron Lynch, Janine Ditullio
IMDb entry

Home Movies is an animated television series that has developed a large cult following. It was originally aired on UPN, then was picked up by Cartoon Network's Adult Swim after being cancelled. The show ran on Adult Swim for four seasons from 1999 until 2004.

Series Style[]

The show is noted for very fast paced dialogue, often full of witty sarcasm. This effect is created by the use of improvisational dialogue. Hours of recorded dialogue is trimmed and edited to produce the hilarious yet realistic exchanges between characters heard in the show. The first season was distinct in its use of squigglevision, an animation technique in which the outlines of characters are constantly in frenetic, wiggling motion. This technique was abandoned, however, and the final three seasons were created in Flash.