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left to right:Bobby Squit Pesto

the goodfethers were characters on the show animaniacs


Bobby was the most comptent of the trio he was cool calm and collective his job was to keep pesto from killing squit wich he never did because he found it humorous and every time it happened you can see him laughing in the background he was also the leader of the trio leading them on many tasks the godpidgion or anyone else gives them.


Pesto is a parody of joe pices role in the goodfellas he was a lunatic he also had different color eyes .when people made him mad(mostly squit)he also used one of joe pices famous lines from the goodfellas."am i a clown do i amuse you" but instead of laughing off like the movie pesto then says dat's it the starts beating squit up.


is more of the dumb one of the trio he is the most loyal to the godpidgion or any other person they happen to be working for.pesto happens to despise squit alot.and gets beaten up by pesto at the end of every episode.

The Godpidgion[]

is a parody of Marlon Brandos role as vito corlone in the movie the godfather.he is a morbidly obise wadling old pidgion who only san speak in sacilian mumbles that witch Bobby has to translate to the baffeld Pesto an Squit after that he lifts up one talon prompting the trio to kiss it