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Dungeons & Dragons was an animated fantasy cartoon series which followed the adventures of five teenagers who have been mysteryly trasported to a magical universe. In each episode they try to get back to their own world while having to combat Venger!

This series ran from September 17, 1983 to December 7, 1985 and ran for three seasons in only 27epsiodes {13 episodes per season 1; 8 episodes per season 2; 6 episodes per season 3} A 28th episode never made would have shown the children finding a way home. Allegedely a fourth season was planned but never made.


  • Hank the ranger-his weapon is magical bow and arrows. The level headed leader. His hidden weakness is a fear of failure to be a leader.
  • Eric the cavalier-his weapon is a knight's shield. He plays a comic relief as that of spoiled scared person who is the most desperate to get back to his own world. A redeming quality is that he is willing to stay behind in the world he fears the most in order to help his friends. His hidden weakness is a fear being laughed at.
  • Presto the magician-his weapon is a magician's hat which with he can create anything. He also plays a comic relief as a nerd who can never get anything right-even simple card tricks! {Because of his goofyness he is the one person Eric is most afraid of-besides Venger}. His Hidden weakness is a fear loosing his glasses.
  • Shelia the Thief-her weapon is a thief's cloak which makes her invisible. She is Bobby older sister and the kindest of the gang. Her hidden weakness is a fear being alone.
  • Diana the Acrobatt-her weapon is a magaical pole which can be used as a staff or a weapon. Her hidden weakness is a fear of being old and frail
  • Bobby the barbarian-his weapon is a club with which he can smash anything. ten years old and reckless. His hidden fear is becoming a helpless baby.
  • Uni the Unicorn-Bobby best friend in this world
  • Dungeon Master- a mysterious figure who has a habbit of appearing and disappearing when the children least expect it and of leaving riddles for them to solve!
  • Venger-a mysterious magical villain who tries to get the weapons from the children. He can trasform himself into a dragon shape-although his greatest enemy is also a dragon! He is Dungeon Master son and is reconciled to his father in the last and never made 28th episode.


Eric voiced by Don Most of "Happy Days"

Uni vocal effects by Frank Welker