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[[Image:Duck Amuck1|200px]]
Directed by Chuck Jones
Written by Michael Maltese
Country United States
IMDb profile

Duck Amuck is a Warner Bros. cartoon produced in 1951 by Chuck Jones. It stars Daffy Duck and an unseen animator (revealed as Bugs Bunny in the closing gag). The two are pitted against one another as the animator constantly undermines Daffy by changing backgrounds, erasing and redrawing Daffy in different forms, and other interfering acts such as ending the show prematurely. All the while, Daffy attempts to continue with the show. Duck Amuck is notable for its portrayal of Daffy as possessing a definite character regardless of his shape, voice, and surroundings. It became famous for its innovative ideas and its exploration on how a cartoon can be reflexive.

Duck Amuck challenges the cartoon conventions thus far by addressing sound, scenery, costume, color, and all necessary elements that compose a cartoon, often without the realization of the viewer. It begins with Daffy Duck in Musketeer attire, but quickly comes to a halt as Daffy realizes that scenery goes amiss. He then turns to the camera and directly addresses "whoever's in charge here", and reminds them that a scenery is needed in a cartoon. This type of interaction characterizes the whole cartoon as Daffy tries desperately to put on a show for the spectators, who are also acknowledged, but is hindered by the animator who plays on the elements that define a cartoon, and who are thus brought to light by Daffy who explains and demonstrates why they are necessary. Oddly enough, perhaps the only element that the animator can actually not get rid of is Daffy's personality. Indeed if his personality disappeared, the cartoon would no longer be a cartoon, or at least not a Daffy Duck one. Even though there may be no scenery, no sound and that Daffy may have a different body, the viewer understands that this remains a Daffy cartoon.