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  • Dolores' birthday is on August 31, coinciding with the International Day for People of African Descent and Saint Raymond Nonnatus's Feast Day, who is (among other things) the patron of confidentiality.[1][2]
  • Due to the nature of her gift, Dolores is the only one of the family who was aware that her uncle was living inside the walls of Casa Madrigal and Dolores drops subtle hints about Bruno's location throughout the movie.
    • Despite her reputation of telling secrets, Dolores never shared Bruno's whereabouts to her family; why she chose to withhold this information is unclear, although it is possible she felt sympathy for his case since she describes his gift to be humbling and seemed to understand his predicament during the song "We Don't Talk About Bruno."
      • It could be that she knew it would fall on deaf ears, as they, particularly her mother and grandmother, would not want to mention him. Though that wouldn't explain why she was willing to blast about Bruno's vision about Mirabel, knowing how her cousin would be treated by their grandmother. Though it could just mean Dolores isn't the best of keeping secrets or at least being sensitive.
  • Due to their sensory powers, Bruno and Dolores are the only family members that their doors depict with eyes open.
    • The similarity in their powers, being liable to cause civic disturbances, could explain Dolores' particular sympathy towards Bruno.
  • Dolores and Isabela are the same age, but Dolores is slightly younger by a few weeks as she is "Isa's shadow".[3]
  • While her room is never seen in the film, Jared Bush stated Dolores's room does contain some soundproofing.[4]
  • During Antonio's gift ceremony, Dolores claps using just her index fingers because the sound of her clapping is likely too loud for her ears, and when everyone cheered, she was covering them.[5]
  • The squeaks she does resembles how Colombians traditionally gossiped.
  • The name Dolores means "lady of sorrows," which is one of the many titles given to the Virgin Mary.
  • Dolores and Mirabel are the only female members of the family whose names don't end with "a".

Dolores, like Carlota Casagrande, are the eldest cousins of the protagonists of their respective series.

  • Dolores shares similarities with Carlota Casagrande.
    • Both are the oldest cousins of the protagonists (Dolores is Mirabel's cousin while Carlota is Ronnie Anne's.)
    • Both are the only daughters. Carlota has three younger brothers while Dolores has only two.
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