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"Dogbert" was a character in the comic strip and the cartoon series Dilbert in the cartoon series he was voice by Chris Elliot


unlike most of the characters in Dilbert. Dogbert is comptent at the tasks and always succeeds. he is able to write best selling book in less than one morning. he always finds ways to make milllons off of ideas that have already been done.his ability to brainwash people into doing buying his cheap and overpriced items his intellect also happened to give him a seat in congerss and become one of the surpreme court justuices

Business Skills[]

Dogbert is known for his business skills he has had many business ventures both in the comics and in the series. such as the episode merger he consulted Dilberts company on who to merge with.Based on the ideas of the empolyees. in one comic he became a car insurance agent.despite that he would rather just cash in for a day and quit the job than become a successful business man.

Relationship with Dilbert[]

Dogbet has a 60\40 relation ship with Dilbert he loves to see him suffer very much. such as telling Dilmom to iron poison ivy in his pants for graduation night. and impersonating dilberts mom and telling him to eat Playdoh. yet despite that he saves Dilbert in any kind of situation with using his own personality. or just walking up to them such as dimplomatic immunity and blowing up other stores so he could use the stores names for his invetion


at most times it seems that Dogbert has almost no personality what so ever he is always cool calm and collective. Dogbert is very greedy finding ways to exploit people (namely Dilbert) for money. he also is seen as very tricky tricking every one he can find whos dumb enough to bet against him


in the TV series Dogbert is seen as superior to all other life forms even the intellectul ones. almost every one belevies after seeing him,that he is the most superior lifeform on this planet