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Disney Television Animation is an animation studio which is the TV animation production unit of Disney Branded Television, a division of Walt Disney Television, dedicated to creating, developing, and producing animated television series, films, specials, and other projects.

Established in 1984 during the reorganization and subsequent re-incorporation of Walt Disney Productions into The Walt Disney Company following the arrival of then-Disney CEO Michael Eisner, the entity was formerly known as The Walt Disney Pictures Television Animation Group, the name was then later shortened to Walt Disney Television Animation starting in mid-1987 and the name remained up until 2011, when it was shortened again to Disney Television Animation.

The unit was originally formed as the animation production arm of the former Walt Disney Television group banner. Television Animation, itself part of The Walt Disney Studios, Burbank and formerly parented by the Walt Disney Motion Pictures Group, like all of the in-house/outsourcing television animation studios proved a commercially successful venture, as most of the animated series it produced and established were well received at best and were successful enough to gain and earn enough popularity during their initial premieres (due to virtually-acclaimed promotional campaigns and groundbreaking receptions for their animated shows). The Television Animation studio previously had some immediate eventual success in 1985, when they successfully gambled with substantially higher budgeted productions which proved profitable ventures that raised the standard for the TV medium.

In 2003, it absorbed the old U.S. Walt Disney Television group name, re-branding itself into a separate unit of its own that same year. Today, the aforementioned Walt Disney Television brand is still active as in-name-only by producing television programs internationally.

The studio is (or was) responsible for and exclusively involved in the production of animated television programming and other projects (including made-for-TV films, specials, and short subjects). The company formally produced many of the cartoon shows airing on The Disney Afternoon syndication package program and the ABC Kids Saturday morning programming block of the ABC television network, but in the present, the studio is under control and under contact from Disney's cable television network Disney Channel to produce and program animated original content exclusively for the channel (as of late 2002).

It is headquartered since 1998 in the Frank G. Wells Building on the Studio Lot across from the Team Disney Burbank building (fronted by the Seven Dwarfs). The Frank G. Wells building was specifically designed for Television Animation, and has a film reel and filmstrip across the front of the building facing Team Disney Burbank across the parking lot. Television Animation has a secondary building located in Glendale on Sonora Street which they moved into in 2002, since the creation of Disneytoon Studios in 2003, both studios share the building.

Television Animation was formerly headquartered at the Motion Picture and Television Academy in North Hollywood, with a secondary building on Cahuenga. For a short period of time following the 1998 move, the secondary building was the Fairmont building next to Bob's Big Boy in Burbank. Television Animation is now split between the Frank G. Wells Building (third floor), and its first floor location in Glendale at the Sonora Building.

List of Disney Television Animation productions[]

Television series[]

Disney television series[]

Title Original running Notes
The Disney Afternoon Era
The Wuzzles 1985
Adventures of the Gummi Bears 1985–91
DuckTales 1987–90 Winner of an Emmy Award for Outstanding Film Sound Editing.
The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh 1988–91 Winner of 2 Emmy Awards for Outstanding Animated Program of 1988 and 1989.
Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers 1989–90
TaleSpin 1990–91
Darkwing Duck 1991–92
Goof Troop 1992–93
The Little Mermaid 1992–94
Raw Toonage 1992
Bonkers 1993–94
Marsupilami 1993 In association with Dupuis Audiovisuel and Marsu Productions
Aladdin 1994–96 Winner of 4 Emmy Awards for Outstanding Film Sound Mixing, Outstanding Film Sound Editing, Outstanding Sound Mixing – Special Class and Outstanding Music Direction and Composition.
Gargoyles 1994–97
The Shnookums and Meat Funny Cartoon Show 1995
Timon & Pumbaa 1995–99 Winner of 3 Emmy Awards for Outstanding Performer in an Animated Program – Nathan Lane, Outstanding Sound Mixing – Special Class and Outstanding Individual in Animation.
Quack Pack 1996
The Mighty Ducks 1996–97 Winner of an Emmy Award for Outstanding Sound Editing - Special Class.
Disney's One Saturday Morning Era
Doug 1996–99 Seasons 5-7 only, co-production with Jumbo Pictures, First animated series inherited from Nickelodeon
Jungle Cubs 1996–97
Nightmare Ned 1997
101 Dalmatians: The Series 1997-98
Pepper Ann 1997-2000
Recess 1997–2001 Co-production with Paul & Joe Productions
Hercules: The Animated Series 1998–99 Winner of an Emmy Award for Outstanding Performer in an Animated Program – James Woods.
Mickey Mouse Works 1999–2000
The Weekenders 2000–04
Teacher's Pet 2000–02 Winner of 4 Emmy Awards for Outstanding Individual in Animation, Outstanding Performer in an Animated Program – Nathan Lane and Outstanding Special Class Animated Program of 2001-2002.
Buzz Lightyear of Star Command 2001–01 Winner of an Emmy Award for Outstanding Sound Editing - Special Class. Co-production with Pixar Animation Studios.
House of Mouse 2001–03
Lloyd in Space 2001–04 Co-production with Paul & Joe Productions
The Legend of Tarzan 2001–03
Teamo Supremo 2002–04
Fillmore! 2002–04

Disney Channel original series[]

Title Original running Notes Series Production Code
Kim Possible 2002–07 Winner of an Emmy Award for Outstanding Sound Mixing - Live Action and Animation.
Lilo & Stitch: The Series 2003–06 Continuation of the film Lilo & Stitch.
Dave the Barbarian 2004–05
Brandy & Mr. Whiskers 2004–06 Winner of an Emmy Award for Outstanding Individual in Animation
American Dragon: Jake Long 2005–07
The Buzz on Maggie 2005–06
The Emperor's New School 2006–08 Continuation of the film The Emperor's New Groove.

Winner of 2 Emmy Awards for Outstanding Performer in an Animated Program – Eartha Kitt of 2006-2007

Shorty McShorts' Shorts 2006-07
The Replacements 2006–09
Phineas and Ferb 2007–15


Aired new episodes simultaneously with Disney XD.

Winner of an Emmy Awards for Outstanding Writing in Animation and winner of 3 Emmy Awards for Outstanding Individual in Animation - Background Design and Background Painter.

Second series of the studio to get a revival

Fish Hooks 2010–14
Take Two with Phineas and Ferb 2010-11 Spin-off of Phineas and Ferb.
Gravity Falls 2012–16 Was moved later to Disney XD. 618G
Mickey Mouse 2013–19 482M
Star vs. the Forces of Evil 2015-19 Spent a majority of it's run on Disney XD.

Season 1 (Episode 1 & 2) & Season 4 only.

Descendants: Wicked World 2015-17 Continuation of the DCOM Descendants.

Co-production with Bad Angels Productions and 5678 Productions.

Elena Of Avalor 2016-20 503A
Milo Murphy's Law 2016-19 Spin-off of Phineas and Ferb

Moved over from Disney XD.

Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure 2017-2020 Continuation of the film Tangled & DCOM: Tangled: Before Ever After.
Big City Greens 2018–present Originally planned to air on Disney XD before it was later picked up by Disney Channel.
Amphibia 2019–22
The Owl House 2020–present
The Ghost and Molly McGee 2021–present Originally titled as "The Curse of Molly McGee".
Chibiverse 2022-present Showcase of Chibi Tiny Tales shorts.

Crossover between multiple Disney Channel shows as chibis.

Hamster & Gretel 2022-present
Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur 2023 Co-production with Marvel Animation and Cinema Gypsy Productions.
Kiff 2023 Co-production with Titmouse, Inc.
Hailey's On It! 2023 Co-production with 37 Monkeys
Primos 2023
Cookies And Milk 2024 Co-production with Cinema Gypsy Productions.
Untitled C. H. Greenblatt animated series TBA
Untitled Cheyenne Curtis animated series TBA
Untitled Nic Smal and Lucy Heavens animated series TBA Co-production with Titmouse, Inc.
Magic Children Doing Things TBA Second animated series Inherited from Nickelodeon
Untitled Amy Hudkins animated series TBA
Untitled Latoya Raveneau animated series TBA
Untitled Noah Z. Jones & Ryan W Quincy animated series TBA
Untitled Jenny Goldberg & Jhonen Vasquez animated series TBA
Untitled Dave Cooper animated series TBA

Toon Disney/Disney XD original series[]

Title Original running Notes Series Production Code
Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! 2004–06
Get Ed 2005–06
Yin Yang Yo! 2006–09
Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil 2010–12 624J
Motorcity 2012–13 Co-production with Titmouse, Inc.
Tron: Uprising Co-production with Sean Bailey Productions 876T
Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja 2012–15 Co-production with Titmouse, Inc.
Wander Over Yonder 2013-16 Moved over from Disney Channel
The 7D 2014-16 597D
Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero 2014–17 755P
Pickle and Peanut 2015-18
Future-Worm! 2016-18
Billy Dilley's Super-Duper Subterranean Summer 2017
DuckTales (2017) 2017–2021 Reboot of the original 1987 series.

Aired new episodes on Disney Channel from 2018-19.

Big Hero 6: The Series Continuation of the film Big Hero 6.

Playhouse Disney/Disney Junior original series[]

Title Original running Notes Series

Production Code

PB&J Otter 1998–2000 Co-production with Jumbo Pictures
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse 2006–16 211P
My Friends Tigger & Pooh 2007–10
Special Agent Oso 2009–12
Jake and the Never Land Pirates 2011–16
Sofia the First 2013-18 231S
The Lion Guard 2016-19
Mickey and the Roadster Racers/Mickey Mouse Mixed-Up Adventures 2017–21
Fancy Nancy 2018-22
Mickey Mouse Funhouse 2021-present
Alice's Wonderland Bakery 2022-present
Firebuds 2022 Co-Production with Electric Emu Productions and ICON Creative Studio
Robogobo TBA Co-Production with Brown Bag Films
Tiny Trailblazers TBA Co-Production with Hello Sunshine
Ariel TBA
Winnie The Pooh (Working Title) TBA
Dusty Dupree TBA Co-Production with Electric Emu Productions
Untitled Royal Prep Academy Series TBA Co-Production with Electric Emu Productions
Untitled Jose Zelaya animated series TBA

Disney+ original series[]

Title Original running Notes Series Production Code
The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse 2020-present Continuation of Mickey Mouse (series).

First series of the studio to get a revival.

Monsters at Work 2021-present Co-production with Pixar Animation Studios.
The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder 2022-present Co-production with BAR Productions.

Reboot of The Proud Family

Duffy and Friends 2023 Co-production with Disney Parks Experiences and Products and Stoopid Buddy Stoodios

Based on Duffy The Disney Bear

First series based around a Disney Parks character

First stop-motion series of the studio

Zombies The Re-Animated Series 2024
Darkwing Duck TBA Co-production with Point Grey Pictures.

Reboot of the original 1991 series.

Rhona Who Lives By The River TBA Co-production with 20th Television Animation and Stoopid Buddy Stoodios

Second stop-motion series of the studio.

The Witchverse TBA Co-production with Baobab Studios.
InterCats TBA
Untitled Molly Ostertag animated series TBA Co-production with 20th Television Animation

Television specials[]

Title Original airdate
Winnie the Pooh and Christmas Too December 14, 1991
Boo to You Too! Winnie the Pooh October 25, 1996
A Winnie the Pooh Thanksgiving November 22, 1998
A Valentine for You February 13, 1999
O.W.C.A. Files November 9, 2015
Duck the Halls: A Mickey Mouse Christmas Special December 9, 2016
The Scariest Story Ever: A Mickey Mouse Halloween Spooktacular October 8, 2017
Big City Greens: Shortsgiving November 21, 2020
Shortstober With Big City Greens October 30, 2021
Spring Shorts-tacular with The Ghost and Molly McGee May 21, 2022
Zombi-Thon With Big City Greens August 20, 2022
Mickey Saves Christmas November 27, 2022
Shortsmas with Big City Greens December 3, 2022

The first four are originally-produced first-run specials directly related to the TV series The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh.

Feature films[]

Television films[]

Disney television films[]
Title Original airdate
Fluppy Dogs November 27, 1986
DuckTales: The Treasure of the Golden Suns September 18, 1987
DuckTales: Time is Money November 24, 1988
Super DuckTales March 26, 1989
Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers: To the Rescue September, 1989
TaleSpin: Plunder and Lightning September 7, 1990
Darkwing Duck: Darkly Dawns the Duck September 6, 1991
Goof Troop: Forever Goof September 5, 1992
Bonkers: Going Bonkers September 4, 1993
Kim Possible: A Sitch in Time November 28, 2003
Leroy & Stitch June 23, 2006
Disney Channel Original Movies[]
Title Original airdate Notes
Kim Possible Movie: So the Drama April 8, 2005
The Proud Family Movie August 19, 2005 Serves as the series finale to The Proud Family.
Phineas and Ferb the Movie: Across the 2nd Dimension August 5, 2011
Tangled: Before Ever After March 10, 2017 Serves as the pilot to Tangled: The Series (renamed as "Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure" in the second season).
Disney XD original movies[]
Title Original airdate
Star vs. the Forces of Evil: The Battle for Mewni July 15, 2017
Disney Junior original movies[]
Title Original airdate
Sofia the First: Once Upon a Princess November 18, 2012
The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar November 22, 2015
Elena and the Secret of Avalor November 20, 2016
Mickey's Tale of Two Witches October 7, 2021
Mickey and Minnie Wish Upon a Christmas December 2, 2021

Direct-to-video films[]

Title Release Date Note
The Return of Jafar May 20, 1994 Sequel to Aladdin & pilot to the animated series.
Gargoyles the Movie: The Heroes Awaken January 31, 1995
Aladdin and the King of Thieves August 13, 1996
Around the World with Timon & Pumbaa September 12, 1996
Mighty Ducks the Movie: The First Face-Off April 8, 1997 Compilation of the first three episodes from Mighty Ducks: The Animated Series.
Pooh's Grand Adventure: The Search for Christopher Robin August 5, 1997
Jungle Cubs: Born to Be Wild August 15, 1997
Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas November 11, 1997
Belle's Magical World February 17, 1998
Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World August 25, 1998
The Lion King II: Simba's Pride October 27, 1998
Hercules: Zero to Hero August 17, 1999 Sequel to Hercules.
Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas November 9, 1999
Winnie the Pooh: Seasons of Giving
An Extremely Goofy Movie February 29, 2000 Sequel to A Goofy Movie & finale to Goof Troop.
Buzz Lightyear of Star Command: The Adventure Begins August 8, 2000 Pilot to Buzz Lightyear of Star Command.
The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea September 19, 2000
Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp's Adventure February 27, 2001
Mickey's Magical Christmas: Snowed in at the House of Mouse November 6, 2001
Recess Christmas: Miracle on Third Street
Cinderella II: Dreams Come True February 26, 2002
The Hunchback of Notre Dame II March 19, 2002
Tarzan & Jane July 23, 2002 Sequel to Tarzan, uses scenes from the second season of The Legend of Tarzan.
Mickey's House of Villains September 3, 2002 Stand-alone sequel to Mickey's Magical Christmas: Snowed in at the House of Mouse.
Winnie the Pooh: A Very Merry Pooh Year November 12, 2002
101 Dalmatians II: Patch's London Adventure January 21, 2003
Atlantis: Milo's Return May 20, 2003
Stitch! The Movie August 26, 2003
Recess: All Growed Down December 9, 2003
Recess: Taking the Fifth Grade Series finale to Recess.
Disney+ original movies[]
Title Release Date Note
Phineas and Ferb the Movie: Candace Against the Universe August 28, 2020 Second film to be based off Phineas and Ferb.
Superfudge TBA
School For Sensitive Souls TBA
Confessions Of A Imaginary Friend TBA

Hybrid-released films[]

Title Release Date Network Note
Big City Greens: The Movie TBA Disney Channel


First film based on Big City Greens

Theatrical films[]

Title Release Date Note
DuckTales the Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp August 3, 1990
A Goofy Movie April 7, 1995
Doug's 1st Movie March 26, 1999 Co-production with Jumbo Pictures
The Tigger Movie February 11, 2000
Recess: School's Out February 10, 2001 (premiere)

February 16, 2001 (US)

Co-production with Paul & Joe Productions
Return to Never Land February 10, 2002 (premiere)

February 15, 2002 (US)

Teacher's Pet January 16, 2004

Short films[]

Title Release Date Notes
Petal to the Metal August 7, 1992 Released in theaters with 3 Ninjas
Stand by Me December 22, 1995 Released in theaters with Tom and Huck
The Bug Hunt 1996 Winner of Disney Channel's Create a Great Story contest

Selected by Roy Edward Disney himself.

Dragon Friend 1997 Winner of Disney Channel's Create Story Magic contest
Redux Riding-Hood First short of the proposed "Totally Twisted Fairy Tales" theatrical short series by Disney Television Animation and DisneyToon Studios

Shortlisted in the category of "Best Animated Short" for 1997's Academy Awards

Three Little Pigs 1999 Second and final short of the proposed "Totally Twisted Fairy Tales" theatrical short series by Disney Television Animation and Disney Toon Studios

Never officialy released in any official media capacity by Disney since it's screening.

Little Angelita

Miscellaneous work[]

Title Year Notes
Epcot: World Showcase Adventure 2009-2012 (as Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure)

2012-2020 (as Agent P's World Showcase Adventure)

2022–present (as DuckTales World Showcase Adventure)

Theme Park scavanger hunt based on different series like Kim Possible, Phineas and Ferb and DuckTales 2017
Gravity Falls: Between the Pines 2016 Behind the scenes special celebrating the series finale of Gravity Falls
Star vs. the Forces of Evil: Turn Off Your Phone PSA 2017 Turn off your phone PSA with Star vs. the Forces of Evil characters screened in select theaters alongside The Lego Batman Movie, Beauty and the Beast 2017, The Boss Baby & Smurfs: The Lost Village.
DuckTales: Turn Off Your Phone PSA Turn off your phone PSA with DuckTales characters screened in select theaters alongside Cars 3, Despicable Me 3 & The Emoji Movie.
Fly (Marshmello song) 2018 Marshmello Music Video featuring DuckTales characters.
Wonderful World of Animation 2019 Disney's Hollywood Studios: Theme Park Night-time Show.

Provided Mickey Mouse farewell animation.

Internet Safety With Mickey Mouse Childnet International Internet safety PSA featuring Mickey Mouse for Disney Junior EMEA.

First collaboration with sister studio Disney Europe Animation.

Mickey & Minnie's Runaway Railway 2020 Theme Park Attraction
Mickey Shorts Theater Theme Park Attraction.

Provided Original Short "Vacation Fun".

This Duckburg Life 2021 Podcast.

Spin-off of the DuckTales reboot.

Aqua-Mouse 2022 Disney Wish Cruise attraction.
Disney Springs Provided redesing of Orange Bird as well original animations featuring characters of The Wonderful World Of Mickey Mouse on complimentary passholder magnet.
D23 Expo: Disney's Epic Entertainment Showcase: The Musical: The Extravaganza! Provided original Random Rings animation of Cricket Green during the presentation.
Broken Karaoke: Ways We Feel Anxious National Alliance on Mental Illness PSA featuring characters from Big City Greens, Phineas and Ferb, Amphibia & The Ghost and Molly McGee trought the Broken Karaoke Short Series
Walt Disney World 2023 Provided redesing of Dumbo for complimentary passholder magnet
Mickey Trought The Ears Prop exibith on the queue of Mickey & Minnie's Runaway Railway on the Disneyland version.

Provided desings for props of the exibith based on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse,Mickey Mouse Mixed-Up Adventures, The Wonderful World Of Mickey Mouse, Adventures of the Gummi Bears, DuckTales, Goof Troop & Darkwing Duck.

El CapiTOON Theatre Building of the Mickey & Minnie's Runaway Railway Disneyland Version.

Provided decoring based on multiple episodes and characters from Mickey Mouse and The Wonderful Worldwide Of Mickey Mouse.

Mickey's Toontown Themed land at Disneyland.

Provided designs for the area featuring characters from The Wonderful World Of Mickey Mouse, DuckTales & Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers.

Other credits[]

Title Notes
Black Widow (film) DuckTales footage cortesty of
Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers (film) Based on Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers

Rescue Rangers footage cortesy of

Atlanta: The Goof Who Sat By the Door A Goofy Movie footage cortesy of
Mickey: The Story of a Mouse Mickey Mouse footage cortesy of

Only Fluppy Dogs is not related to any television series, as it is a failed pilot episode to the proposed TV series of that same name.