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Despicable Me 2  is Illumination Entertainment's fourth feature film  Despicable Me .


  • Steve Carell - (Mr.) Felonius Gru (voice)
  • Kristen Wigg - (Mrs.) Lucy Wilde (voice)
  • Benjamin Bratt - Eduardo/El Macho (voice)
  • Steve Coogan - Silas Ramsbottom (voice)
  • Miranda Cosgrove - Margo (Gru) (voice)
  • Elsie 'Kate' Fisher - Agnes (Gru) (voice)
  • Dana Gaier - Edith (Gru) (voice)
  • Russell Brand - Doctor Nefario (voice)

Additional Voices[]

Ava Acres Mickie McGowan
Lori Alan Mason McNully
Jack Angel Alec Medlock
Eva Bella Laraine Newman
Georgia Cook Jan Rabson
John Cygan Andre Robinson
Debi Derryberry   Katie Silverman
Jess Harnell Casey Silverman
Danny Mann Claira Titman
Mona Marshall James Kevin Ward
April Winchell