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Buzz Lightyear Mission Logs is a three-part short film series based on the Toy Story movies. It was released on the 2010 Toy Story Blu-ray combo packs and DVDs.


In 2008, two years before the theatrical release of Toy Story 3, a Buzz Lightyear toy went into space and returned to Earth in 2009. The special features on the 2010 Toy Story DVDs and Blu-rays say that Buzz Lightyear was Andy's Buzz. Each short shows him telling Rex and Hamm about his trip and how he got home in time for the events of Toy Story 3.




  • Each short features Randy Newman's music score of the movie that it is included with.
  • These shorts take place sometime between the events of Toy Story 2 and Toy Story 3, as Buzz, Rex and Hamm still live at Andy's house. However, his room looks the same as it was when he was a little kid, even though he was a teenager by the time of Toy Story 3. Whether this is canon or not can be debated.