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Boyster (Molusco) is a French, animated cartoon pitched by Je Suis Bien Content, and owned by Superights and Disney XD. It follows the adventures of a human-oyster hybrid wanting to live life as a normal kid, despite his powers getting in the way of that.


  • Boyster Likowski, informally known as Boyster. Our protagonist; an 11-year-old hybrid mutated from contact with a toxic spill. Kind-hearted and a little too soft for his own good.
  • Shelby Likowski, or simply Shelby. Technically half of Boyster, this is his shell that gained sentience from the aforementioned toxic spill. A homebody and avid consumer of all types of media.
  • Rafik, Boyster's hyperactive classmate and best friend. Looks out for Boyster and helps him hide his secret to pose as a normal human.
  • Lola and Eugene Likowski, Boyster's adoptive parents who raise him and Shelby.
  • Mr. Pluss, a math teacher who aims to be the embodiment of discipline.
  • Ozzy, the resident stereotypical school bully.
  • Alicia, Boyster's "love interest" and classmate, an aspiring artist with moneygrubbing parents.
  • Arthur,A socially inept nerd who has a passion for the extraterrestrial. In the detectives club with Herman and Simon, as well as the chess club.
  • Axelle,An older student who attends the same middle school as the main cast. Has bright pink hair and wears black lipstick. A tough, motorcycle-riding gal.
  • Herman,One of the stereotypical nerd characters. Who Rafik pays to be his fake friend in Episode 4a. In the detectives club with Arthur and Simon, as well as the diving club.
  • Sam,The school photographer, and presumably part of the school newspaper. Has short, blonde hair with a red headband.
  • Simon,Another one of the stereotypical nerd characters. Has a head of red, curly hair and wears square-shaped glasses. In the detectives club with Arthur and Herman.


  • Direction - Fabien Limousin, Damien Barrau
  • Story Editors - Bob Mittenthal, Michael Rubiner, Fabien Limousin, Marianne Barbier
  • Production - Franck Ekinci, Camille Serceau
  • Music - Alexis Percharman, Denis Vautrin
  • Literary Bible - Frederic Azemar, Fabien Limousin
  • Graphic Bible - Emmanuelle Fleury
  • Production Manager - Violette Teyssier Dumont
  • Production Assistants - Kilian Dinon, Louis-Francois Durand
  • Production Administrator - Michel Dutheil
  • Production Accountant - Angelique Vaisse, Aisse Diakho
  • Artistic Director - Emmanuelle Fleury
  • Design - Sylvian Bec, Julien Daubas, Aleksander Dzoni-Sopov, Julien Famchou, Thomas Greffard, Theo Guignard, Frederic Juviguy, Benjamin L'Hoste, Hai Ly, Suy Heng Mao, Marisa Musy, Olivier de Resseguier, Mikael Robert, Remi Zaarour
  • Backgrounds - Aurelien Bouillou, Pasquala Carlotti, Julie Demongue, Florian Jouet, Cedric Leger, Marion Pillyser, Anne Raffin, Aymeric Saydoux
  • Animation - Thomas Bignon, Fahim Boukhelifa, Guillaume Bourrachot, Marion Charve, Stephane Crouier, Chloe Cruchaudet, Sophia Daly, Jeremy Depuydt, Karim El Mokaddem, Nathanael Ferdinard, Sebastien Genre Sanz, Yoann Gourru, Fabrice Guevel, Elodie Hiolle, Jeremie Hoarau, Dimitri Lecoussis, Francoise Losito, Marco Marchetti, David Martins da Silva, Gregoire Musinier, Bung Nguyen, Paul Nivat, Adrienne Nowak, Arthur Peltzer, Melanie Perrin, Cecile Piras, Yann Provost, Florent Saget, Mathieu Signolet, Lino Signorato, Mohamed Skifati, Bernard Som, Louis de la Taille, Jean-Matthieu Tanguy, Mireilla Tram, Pierre Tricoire, Maeva Zaarour
  • Editing - Clement Cornu, Alexis Ducord, Cyril Gastaud, Jeremie Hoarau, Francesco Vecchi
  • Compositing - Maxime Bernard, Fabrice Casali, Guillaume Febvral, Marc Konings, Stephane Ricard, Christelle Soutif
  • Media Indexing Alexandre Lagache
  • Musician Philippe Laroche
  • Sound Design and Mix Alexandre Voyer

For Studio Caribara Annecy:

  • Manager - Fabien Baboz
  • Production Manager - Olivier Duval
  • Production Manager Paris - Charlotte Monsarral
  • Background - Christophe Charritou, Francois-Marc Baillet, Cedric Leger, Ludovic Gaudin
  • Animation Direction - Celement Ceard
  • Animation - Theo Cibrario, Julien Dehavay, Olivier Goddin, Pascal Hoareau, Thomas Lecourt, Romain Parizel, Gurvan Hamon, Ally Seonyul Park, Jean-Maxime Beaupuy
  • Voice Studio - Peacock Sound Ltd
  • Voice Direction and Casting - Dave Peacock