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Age: 10-12

Birthday: April 13th

Blood Type: O

Personality: Independent

Andreina Agati is the leader of the team family Friendships, all of her teammates is her best friends, she tries to help the teammates and fight the enemies, sometimes she tries to heal her friends and wont trust any of her enemies during the fight

Her Teammates are Gina, Sopie, Kaycee, Jenyle, Casandra, Kate, Zac, Lora and Deyamin, Yasmine and Annie will be at soon for the other series, She is a fictional character from the future cartoon (the team family friendships), She is also the 1st hero among all of the team family characters, You cna also call Andreina as “Andie”


she is a girl with red crimson dress, peach skin, black hair pigtails/down and hazelnut brown shoes, she look energetic, kind & formal but she is the leader and independent of the team

”Hello Everybody Lets Play Team Family Friendships! With Gina, Sopie & my other friends, we are a good team! Enemies such as Bratty & her friends wont give up but we do to fight them up! So be a hero and save the city, help your friends and family to save them also!


Andreina’s Nickname is Andie

You can even tell Andreina how to rescue

Lets save the team!