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When Allen is so enaperst, He was so angry about Dustin picking on someone's side! He talk 3 guys: Mr. Uppity, Mr. Clever & Mr. Worry about why is Mr. Cool is on my back! Oh my god! That's terrible, he marked a cake for Mr. Greedy with mud, cocholate & cotton candy pink! But that's not all, Dustin spelled Mr. Fuuny with molasses! Cut Mr. Tickle cried & he said "Oh-no! Somebody might wanna do something, QUICK!" And now Mr. Bump fell on the bed! And Dustin cut Mr. Fussy's m ustache off, but he cried! SWEEP! TICKLE! BUMP! (10 times)! Mr. Cool was in a hosptial for Dr. Makeyouwell from the Mr. Men! Dustin was happy! They laughed again! Allen cried! There was the FBIOpenyourdoors!


"What's the matter, Allen?"

"Dustin prank my friends & Mr. Tickle, Mr. Bump & Mr. Fussy hit Dustin!"

"Oh! Cheer up! Dustin teach him a good lesson & he was happy1

"You mean... really?"


Both laughed at the same time!