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Action League Now!
Country of Origin United States
Channel Nickelodeon 1995-02,Nicktoons Network 2008-present
Original Airdate October 1,1995
Final Airdate December 31,2002
Number of Episodes 44 shorts 11 long episodes
Creators Will McRobb,Robert Mittenhall,Albie Hecht
Voices Jim Krenn Scott Paulsen Cris Winter Collin M. McGee
Action League Now! is a stop motion from chuckimation, created by Nickelodeon creators.

Main Characters[]

  • The Flesh A blonde naked guy who is strong and naked.Voiced by Jim Krenn.
  • Thundergirl A flying Sindy doll,a parody of Wonderwoman.Voiced by Cris Winter.
  • Stinky Diver A man with one gun,voiced by Jim Krenn.
  • Meltman The weakest superhero,loves Thundergirl.Voiced by Scott Paulsen.
  • The Chief The bossy leader of the league.Voiced by Collin M. McGee in the series,Victor Hart took some episodes.
  • The Mayor The enemy of friends,Known to his Dishonor. Voiced by Jim Krenn.
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In 2003,And Justice for None and In a Whine of Fire are two episodes left.

When KaBlam! ended,they had Action I.Q Test through 2001-2003.