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6teen is a Canadian animated sitcom created by Tom McGillis and Jennifer Pertsch for Teletoon. It is set in the fictional "Galleria Shopping Mall" and follows an ensemble cast of six sixteen-year-old friends as they explore their first part-time jobs and lives as teenagers. The show ran on Nickelodeon for seasons 1 and then Cartoon Network for seasons 2, 3, and 4 in the United States. Nickelodeon originally brought the series to the US via's TurboNick and then to its television channel before dropping the series altogether. Formerly, Studio 23 in the Philippines is also airing the show every Sunday at 6 pm. The show is very popular and also aired in the Netherlands on Z@PP as 6tien (Dutch for 6teen). It is also aired in the countries Poland, Finland, Israel, and Belgium. It also aired in Russia on 2x2. In Australia, it has been a huge hit on ABC2. The first Cartoon Network to air the series was Cartoon Network Latin America, in 2006, as a lead-in for Adult Swim (the block was moved to sister channel I-Sat in April 2008, where it was discontinued in mid-2010), which was being launched in the region that time. It was often rated TV-Y7 on Nickelodeon, then TV-PG on Cartoon Network in the USA, and for some episodes, TV-PG D. In Canada, the series was originally rated G, later PG.

Since its debut on October 3, 2004, the program has aired seventy-eight episodes over three seasons, as well as two one-hour specials. The finale to season three aired on May 22, 2008. The fourth season which includes 13 episodes will be the final season.

A Nelvana Limited production, the series' characters are voiced by young Canadian actors, and the show continues to draw positive response, with critical reception from sources like the Pucinella Awards and the Alliance for Children and Television.[1][2]


6teen is created and directed through the use of a 2D digital software package known as Harmony, which was developed by the Toon Boom Animation studio in Montreal.[3] Because this software ensures smoother animation and eliminates the need for black trace lines, the program can be fashioned entirely on computer without the use of paper.

The style of writing on 6teen is aimed at preteens and teens. 6teen (The original working title for the series being The Mall.)is scripted by a team of writers which includes series creators and directors Jennifer Pertsch and Tom McGillis, Sean Cullen (The Sean Cullen Show), Terry McGurrin, as well as the voice of George Westerholm on This Hour Has 22 Minutes). 6Teen could be thought of as the Friends for the younger set. To formulate ideas regarding subject matter, Pertsch and McGillis interviewed students and took regular trips to the Eaton Centre in Toronto to "observe teenage behavior." [3] On the subject of their work, McGillis concludes:

"Our biggest goal was to connect with our audience. What surprised us was not the fact that kids were watching adult sitcoms, but why they were watching them? They recognize and appreciate smart writing. So, although 6teen's subject matter is aimed at kids, the writing style is classic sitcom, with fast-paced dialogue, and multiple plot lines." [3]

6teen has been generally well received by viewers. In the Winter/Spring of 2005, the program ranked among Teletoon's Top 10 for children ages six to fifteen and young adults ages sixteen to twenty-five in both English and French markets.[1] It was also the only Canadian production to be nominated for a Pulcinella Award in 2005 under "TV Series for All Audiences."[1] Furthermore, on June 2, 2007, 6teen received an award from the Alliance for Children and Television for being the best of children's television to fall under the age group of nine to fourteen-years that year.[2] Carole Bonneau, vice-president in charge of Teletoon's programming, has remarked about 6teen:

"Aesthetically appealing, with an upbeat musical score, combined with its power to invite empathy from kids towards the main characters, Teletoon is delivering a series that is a perfect match for tweens and teens of today."

The show has been nominated for a Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Original Song - Main Title and Promo for its theme song.

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